Website Building-what I want to do when I grow up!

In school, especially in the last few years, teachers, parents and almost any adult you speak to asks the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?”  I never knew the answer.  At least not what they wanted to hear….

I knew that I wanted to be a mum.  I knew that raising a family would be one of my life’s great achievements.  As to how I would afford to pay for said family, that was another matter.  There are a lot of things that I am good at, but I have always thought that you should, wherever possible, love your job.

When we started MR LCD (before we changed the name to Across the Coast), my part in it was born of a desire to not go back to work.  To be able to be there for my kids before & after school, and during holidays and sick days.  I love doing all the admin work behind the scenes.  And having such a small role was so beneficial when the pain that I had since a teenager went from painful to constant agony, it meant that the bare minimum I was able to do was enough to keep the business afloat.  Now however, since my operations, I am feeling amazing, and the bare minimum is just not satisfying.  So then Michael and I had many long discussions on how I could do more to contribute to the business, and if my contributions actually brought in money, rather than just saving us money, then that would be brilliant.  We looked at a lot of different options, including using my talent for simple explanations to help our customers with training, and while I enjoyed this, it wasn’t “the thing” I was looking for.  Then, as a side hobby, I decided to start selling some handmade things I planned to make.  To do this, I thought the best way was to build a website, so was created, and I thought it was quick and easy.  Then, I started talking to Michael, who I always defer to on all things technical, and all of a sudden I knew things he didn’t!  I then moved on to fix our website for MR LCD, things that had never been created properly, or that were bugging me from when we asked someone to build it a few years before. Then I was able to quickly & easily help Michael with an issue he had on website he was working on, one that he had been trying to fix for a while.

BUT it wasn’t until we sat down with Belinda Jackson as part of her Diamond Coaching program, and she suggested that we start offering websites as an additional service, that I even considered that this could be my role in the business.  After a training day to see what I already knew, and to learn some new skills, Michael and I decided that we would start offering websites!  Nervously I let everyone know, and the reaction was fantastic.  Thanks to the reliability and service that Michael has offered on behalf of our business for over 8 years, our customers knew that they could rely on us, and knew that we wouldn’t offer something that we didn’t believe was of a high standard.

So now, that’s my full time job.  And I am LOVING IT!!!

I really had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  How much making little changes to the settings, and watching it load on the website would excite me.  To be able to listen to customers and make up for them what they have envisioned for their site, even when my ideas are so different to theirs, and to create a product that they are pleased to have their name on.  Now I know what they say by find a job you love, because it just makes it such a joy to do the work.

So to my high school teachers, I am sorry I couldn’t give you an answer, but really, websites didn’t exist in 1993, so how was I meant to know what I wanted to do with my life??