Google is the New Yellow Pages

I attended a seminar today, that was titled Google is the new Yellow Pages.  Sounds like something that you would be totally sceptical about, until you think it through.  When was the last time you actually picked up the Yellow Pages?

Melbourne SEO Services did a survey of people walking around Melbourne, and found some really interesting statistics.  Firstly, 100% of the people interviewed use Google every day! And 53.85% of people interviewed never use the Yellow pages.


So instead of using American statistics and thinking “well Australia is different to the US”, now I am faced with the cold hard facts, Australia uses Google too!

We have recently cancelled our Yellow Pages advertising, and this has made us really nervous.  We have been in business for 9 years, and without the Yellow Pages, we wouldn’t exist. But it’s time to break the chains.  Why pay through the nose for a medium that no longer even pays for itself?  And why work twice as hard for Yellow Pages, when you could work twice as hard for yourself.

This of course leads into the question, how do I make sure that I am found on Google?

Well that’s where I come in, and really, I have spent so much time over the last few months answering this question for other people, I haven’t invested the time into answering it for our business.  So now it’s time to make sure that I keep up with the housekeeping.  To take a fine tooth comb to my website,visit it as if I was a potential client trying to decide whether to use us, instead of making sure that it says everything I think it should say. To make sure that the keywords that I thought were so important are still valid, and that they will actually set us apart from the competition.  And to start blogging, REGULARLY.  It has been proven that Google likes fresh content, so I need to provide that.  And by providing that, then that in itself will make people visit my site more!  So really it’s a win-win.


So please, help us out with this.  If you read something on our site that seems outdated or unnecessary, please contact us   If there is a question that you have been looking for the right place to ask, ask me, email me or call me on 0413 318 837. And if you see one of us in person, ask us if it has been too long between blog posts.  Michael and I started this business to help other computer users in simple & easy to use ways, and we plan to continue doing this for many years to come!