Across The Coast May 2012 Newsletter

Hi Welcome to the first edition of the new look Across The Coast newsletter.
We have had such a great reaction to the new name, it was hard after 7 years to stop calling ourselves MR LCD, but we are getting used to it.
There has also been such a great response to Across The Coast offering website services, and our first website went live this week.

Why do I need a web presence? And what is a web presence anyway?
Image I think there are a lot of businesses that spend a lot on marketing & advertising, but they are missing a huge tool that once setup, can be very cheap to maintain.
If you compare how much it costs to do a run of 1,000 pamphlets, which then go out to every house in the area.  You don’t know how many of the people who get your pamphlet even look at it, or how many are looking for your services at that exact moment.
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Article Two
Image         Email spammers are having to work hard these days, a lot more people are aware of how to spot a fake email.  My top three tips are: 1. If you have never dealt with the person or company and have no reason why they would be emailing you, assume it is spam and delete it. Lately I have been getting emails about my police record, but since I know I don’t have a criminal record, I delete them straight away. 2. If you have dealt with the person or company, and have opened the email to read it, look for spelling and grammar errors.  I have received emails from the Commenwealth Bank, so the misspelt Commonwealth gives that away. 3. If you have opened it, and are still not convinced, before you click on the link, just hover your mouse pointer over it, which will, depending on your mail program, pop up a little box showing where the link will take you.  If it doesn’t match where they tell you, or if it adds anything before the site, do not click it.

Article Three
ImageMichael had to make the awful phone call this morning to let a customer know that to *attempt* to recover the years of business data from their failed hard drive, it was going to cost over $2,500. Please make sure that you have a backup system in place, whether it’s for business data, or all your precious photos. We have external hard drives in stock if you need them, Michael can come & install it for you, and set you up with a really simple backup system for $220
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